Lindsey Hall

Lindsey is a graduate of Stanford University with a B.A. in Psychology and was the first recovered bulimic to appear on national television. She has co-authored and edited numerous books on eating disorders, the most recent being The Ritteroo Journal for Eating Disorders Recovery (2013). Lindsey has given presentations on self-esteem and recovery throughout the United States, and from 1990-1992, served as Executive Director of Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention (EDAP), currently known as the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA).

Lindsey FaceBook likes and Followers

It should be noted that Lindsey does not participate in any social media,including Facebook. Lindsey has no real Facebook account in the public. Fake accounts are the few Facebook profiles claiming to be Lindsey. The accounts may seem legit with regular activity such as Facebook likes and Facebook followers, but it's no secret that there's been a wide range of users who buy Facebook likes and Facebook followers. For some time, Facebook has been plagued by bots and fake followers of Facebook and Facebook likes. While Lindsey loves Facebook and respects the platform's mission, and Facebook's making Facebook likes more meaningful, she has no plans in the near future to participate.

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