Doris Smeltzer, co-founder of the eating disorder prevention nonprofit organization, Andrea's Voice Foundation, lives with her husband in Northern California. Andrea Lynn Smeltzer was working on a degree in International Business & Politics and planned to use her multilingual talents to speak out for human rights.

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Andrea's Voice...
Silenced by Bulimia

Her Story and Her Mother's Journey Through Grief Toward Understanding

Authors:Doris Smeltzer
Andrea Lynn Smeltzer


Andrea Smeltzer had the world at her feet; she was vibrant, talented, strong, and beautiful. But after a one-year struggle with bulimia, Andrea died in her sleep at the age of nineteen, catapulting her mother, Doris, into a journey of self-discovery and realizations. By combining Andrea's poetry and journal entries, mother and daughter tell the story together, capturing the bond that connected them.

Doris' honest exploration of the emotional issues surrounding her daughter's development of bulimia provides insight and guidance not only for families, friends, and caregivers, but also to any young woman who is struggling to find her independence.


1 The Lightness of Being
2 Magical Notions of Birth
3 A Silver Flash of Dragonflies
4 To Still Be Me
5 I Am the Cage I Am the Builder
6 Kiss the Stars and Hug Yourself
7 My Body's Ups and Downs
8 Eating Like Crazy
9 A Place Called Higher Ground
10 Jekyll and Hyde, Me and My Body
11 Reclaim My Spirit to Nurture My Soul
12 The Purple Bunny
13 The Brilliant Cleansing Truth
14 Angel Face in Full Bloom
15 Read Under and Between Lines


"Andrea's Voice describes the pain of this illness more poignantly and accurately than any other writing on this subject. Thanks to Doris Smeltzer's courageous examination of her daughter's illness and death, Andrea may empower many others struggling with eating disorders to live."
— Margo Maine, PhD, psychologist and author of Father Hunger

"Andrea's Voice is the compelling story of one family's coping with the tragedy of bulimia. Not easy to put down, this is the deeply personal story of Smeltzer's journey through shock and grief. Andrea's own voice comes through poignantly, hopefully, in her poetry and journal entries."
— Frances M. Berg, MS, author of Underage and Overweight

"This heartbreaking yet deeply impactful story will move readers to initiate change about how eating disorders are viewed in our country."
— Emme, supermodel and women's issues activist

"There are lessons here for all of us. This is not just a story of one family's tragedy, but a perspective on our culture and its attitudes about our bodies."
— Dean Edell, MD, health expert and media personality

"This is one of the most beautiful, real, compassionate, and personal books from the point of the eating disorder sufferer, the family, and the community. We should all celebrate 'Andrea's Voice.'"
— Ira M. Sacker, President, HEED Foundation

"Doris Smeltzer gives voice to the unbearable grief of losing her child with such courage and grace that the book is ultimately an inspiration."
— Jeanine Cogan, PhD, Policy Director, Eating Disorders Coalition for Research, Policy & Action, Washington, DC

"Families touched by eating disorders often struggle in isolation and despair as they try to understand and support their loved one. No family will have to do this alone again."
— Douglas Bunnell, PhD, President, NEDA