Andrea Wachter is a licensed therapist specializing in food, weight, and body image issues. She lectures and writes extensively on these subjects and has appeared on several radio and television shows. She works with adults, adolescents, families and groups in private practice in Soquel, CA. Andrea is an inspirational therapist who brings her expertise, humor, and personal recovery to her clients.

Marsea Marcus is a licensed therapist specializing in the healing of eating disorders and sexual abuse. She has worked in several inpatient treatment centers for eating disorders and addiction recovery, and is presently Program Coordinator for Begin from Within, Center for Resolving Food and Weight Issues in San Francisco. Her motivation comes from having successfully dealt with these issues in her own life.

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Don't Diet Live-it!

Healing Food, Weight and Body Issues

Authors: Andrea Wachter, Marsea Marcus


This unique workbook is designed to combine the personal and creative aspects of a journal with the more structured and guided aspects of a workbook. It contains four levels of healing, each of which builds on the insights and understanding of previous levels. Each chapter focuses on an essential component of recovery and includes an explanation, relevant personal stories, and a series of questions or exercises designed to empower and enlighten.

Includes a special section for professionals who want to lead Don't Diet, Live-It! groups, with a structure for meetings, group guidelines, goals, and responses to common problems for leaders. Also lists support groups, Internet sites, organizations, and recommended readings.


1 – Outer Solutions vs. Inner Solutions
2 – Isolation vs. Reaching Out
3 – Thoughts vs. Feelings
4 – Stuffing vs. Acknowledged Feelings
5 – Aggressive vs. Assertive Communication
6 – Criticism vs. Praise
7 – Black-and-White vs. Rainbow Thinking
8 – The Binge/Deprive Cycle vs. Loving Limits
9 – Emotional vs. Physical Hunger
10 – Diet vs. Live-It
11 – Weight Control vs. Natural Weight
12 – Competition vs. Camaraderie
13 – Holding On vs. Letting Go
14 – Human Doing vs. Human Being
15 – Endings vs. Beginnings


"Don't Diet, Live-it! Contains so much insight, compassion and guidance to help women of all ages on their journeys to establish a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. A must read!"
— Debra Waterhouse, MPH, RD; Author of Like Mother, Like Daughter

"Having reviewed a lot of books like this one, Don't Diet, Live-It! Is one of the clearest, most practical and useful books I've ever seen."
— Eric Schoeck; radio interviewer, author, and events coordinator

"A terrain that was once dim, murky, and full of pitfalls is mapped out and well lit in this courageous book. Written as a combination workbook and journal, each chapter makes distinctions that are useful in moving toward peace with one's body. I use it in my clinical work."
— Ann Whittington, MFCC