Viola Fodor is a Canadian psychotherapist and educator with 27 years of experience. She is a frequent speaker about eating disorders and wellness at universities, high schools, family support groups, private companies, EAPs, and the Canadian Mental Health Association. In 1991, her work was featured on CBS's national show "Man Alive" and she has been the author and subject of many articles in numerous Canadian newspapers, including the Toronto Star. A graduate of the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Ms. Fodor received her Master of Education in 1979. She is a certified member of the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counselors, Psychometrists, and Psychotherapists (OACCPP).

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Desperately Seeking Self

An Inner Guidebook for People with Eating Problems

Author: Viola Fodor


This little book is a powerful reminder that your true nature is the most precious resource that you have to help yourself. Presented in the unique form of a dialogue between a therapist and a client, it encourages self-reflection and the daily practice of inner silence as powerful ways to nurture this true self and your full healing capacity. Tenets of psychology, philosophy, and spirituality are subtly woven into easily-understood messages of hope and change.

"This book does not have the solutions to your problems—you do. At best, this book can guide you to explore a deeper dimension of yourself. If you can stop to listen to the silence within, you can begin to hear your own inner voice. It is the voice of healing, and it is as close to you as your own heartbeat, as your own breath, as your own prayers." - From the book


1 – My Journey / Your Journey
2 – A Conversation
3 – Quiet Time


"With Viola's guidance and patience, I learned to open my mind and heart, and my healing then began. I discovered myself and freed my spirit. Thank you, Viola, for the gifts of you and your wisdom, which come through so warmly in your book."
Lynn Carpenter, founder of Sheena's Place, an eating disorders center in memory of her daughter, who died of anorexia nervosa Toronto, Ontario

"An incredible insight into the human struggle while at the same time offering healing strategies for a new way of life."
Mike Lavell, Director of Residence & lecturer of Religious Studies University of Toronto Erindale Campus

"Desperately Seeking Self is a gift to all who wish to begin the journey out of despair into wellness. Subtly, tenants of psychology, philosophy, and spirituality are woven into an insightful, sensitive message."
Edith A. Birch, Nutritionist, Counselor Newmarket, Ontario