Lydia Hanich, MA, LMFT is a licensed psychotherapist and frequent public speaker who has specialized in eating disorders and body image issues for over 20 years. She lives in Santa Cruz, CA, with the husband of her dreams: a man who didn't noticed that she had gained fifty pounds from the time they met to the time they married!

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Honey, Does This Make My Butt Look Big?

A Couple's Guide to Food and Body Talk

Author: Lydia Hanich, MA, LMFT


Here is a safe, fun guide for couples to read together. The questions and humorous responses will bring a smile to your face, while touching on such thorny topics as appearance and body image concerns. Each chapter presents no-win questions and scenarios along with advice about what to say—what not to say—and why! Cartoon illustrations by Wiley and bite-sized portions give this book a lighthearted, accessible feel. Also deals with serious subjects such as weight, food, exercise, sexuality, and eating disorders.

Get off the hot seat and improve your relationship!


Situation: You come home early and find her polishing off an entire cheesecake.

Possible responses:

Shaming: "I can't believe you're eating all that!" Get over it—and fast. She doesn't need your judgment.

Intrusive: "I hope that's a nonfat, sugar-free, low carb cheesecake!" If she says "Yes, and it tastes great!" call me immediately and tell me where I can get one!

Good try: "I worry about you when I see you eating that much unhealthy food."

Try this instead: Give her a kiss on the cheek and say "Is everything OK?"


"This book is for anyone whose life or romantic relationships have been invaded by struggles with food and body image. Lydia helps in a way that no one else has ever attempted. And her way is absolutely hilarious."
— Jenni Schaefer, author of Life Without Ed

"This book is a gift to everyone who has ever struggled with intimate relationships: honest, insightful, original, and, perhaps most important, funny. The cartoons are hilarious, the wisdom rich and accessible. As a psychotherapist for 22 years, I couldn't recommend it more highly."
— John Mizelle, MA, MFT

"This book made me laugh until I cried; but also really helped me understand body issues better. Now I understand why I ask my 'honey' these kind of questions; and also I can help him to not tick me off with the 'wrong' answers. I liked that it included advice for me on how to deal with his body issues too (like weightlifting stuff)."
— Amazon.com reviewer