Cheri Erdman, Ed.D is a leader in the size-acceptance field and author of Nothing to Lose: A Guide to Sane Living in a Larger Body. Dr. Erdman has led retreats and workshops on body image for over twenty years and has been interviewed by NPR, Ricki Lake, the Chicago Tribune, and People Magazine.

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Paperback, 159 pg, '97
Product Code: LVL
ISBN: 978-0-936077-46-8


Live Large!

Affirmations For Living The Life You Want In The Body You Already Have

Author: Cheri Erdman


This is a wonderful collection of affirmations, ideas, and actions to help women love their bodies, regardless of their size or shape. Especially for those who struggle with weight or poor body image, it is an uplifting, easy-to-use guide for "living the life you want in the body you already have!" There are 140 inspiring meditations, such as, "I am grateful for every day I live peacefully in my body," and "I am willing to live the life I want and deserve."


Part 1: Initiation
Part 2: Inspiration
Part 3: Determination
Part 4: Live Large!


"Courage, confidence, compassion, and an abiding commitment to every woman's right to live a full life spring from every page. A wonderful book."
Pat Lyons, R.N., M.A., co-author of Great Shape