Karen R Koenig, LICSW, Med is a psychotherapist , educator, writer, and a speaker who has over 20 years experience on eating, weight, and body image issues. She lives with her husband in Sarasota, FL.

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Rules of "Normal" Eating

A Common Sense Approach for Dieters, Overeaters, Undereaters, Emotional Eaters, and Everyone in Between!

Author: Karen R. Koenig, LCSW, M.Ed


Does this sound like you? Food will make me fat. My body should be perfect. I am ashamed of how I eat. I am not in control of my body. I am only loveable when I’m thin.

Written in easy-to-understand, everyday language, Koenig lays out the four basic rules that "normal" eaters follow instinctively—eating when they're hungry, choosing foods that satisfy them, eating with awareness and enjoyment, and stopping when they're full or satisfied. Along with specific skills and techniques that help promote change, the book presents a proven cognitive-behavioral model of transformation that targets beliefs, feelings, and behaviors about food and eating and points the way toward genuine physical and emotional fulfillment.

  • Learn the four rules that “normal” eaters follow instinctively
  • Change negative thinking and unhealthy habits
  • Manage difficult emotions, rather than starving or stuffing them
  • Feel healthy and “normal” around food
  • Create a life that is truly satisfying


1 – Oh, Good, Rules!
    The Rules of "Normal" Eating

2 – Can't IT Just Happen While I'm Sleeping?
    The Rules of Change

3 – If I Start Now, Will I Finish Before I Die?
    Changing Beliefs, Feelings & Behaviors

4 – You Mean My Belief Are Supposed to Make Sense?
    Irrational Beliefs about Food, Eating, Weight & Body

5 – May I Have a Belief Implant, Please?
    Beliefs of "Normal" Eaters

6 – Can't I Pay Someone to Do This Stuff for Me?
    Feelings and Feeding

7 – Can You Really Teach an Old Mouth New Tricks?
    "Normal" Eating Behaviors

8 – You Mean Do Unto Myself As I Would Do Unto Others?
    Caring for Yourself

9 – If I'm Gritting My Teeth, How Will I Eat?
    Daunting Eating Situations

10 – I Get It—Keep the Body, Change the Attitude!
    Body Acceptance


"At a time when food fads and obesity are a national obsession, this book provides clear and practical steps to end the confusion about eating right."
— Rita Freedman, author of Bodylove

“This book is for anyone who wants to get off the dieting/emotional eating merry-go-round and experience food as the ‘normal’ blessing it is meant to be. I highly recommend it!”
— Donald Altman, MA, psychotherapist