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Buy & Google Reviews

If you would like to read the review of our books, please check out our Amazon reviews. Alternatively, you can also Google for the book that you are interested in and refer to Google reviews on the search result. We highly recommend that you refer to Amazon reviews as they are more accurate and genuine.  Google reviews has a reputation of being fake as anyone can buy Google reviews cheaply from sites like If you still unsure after reading the reviews, please check out the sample chapters. You can buy our books on Amazon or your local bookstore. If you are not happy with the books, just drop us a message and we would be happy to process a refund.

How to Spot Fake/Free Google Reviews

While it may be easy to spot sellers who buy fake reviews, it may be difficult to spot sellers who get free reviews by exchanging them on services like  Services that offers free google reviews are popular because they work really well. These are some tips to identify fake reviews:

  • usually short in length as the main purpose to increase the overall score
  • vague and does not contain specifics about the product. Using very generic sentences such as “good”, “bad”
  •  reviewer only reviews one product and left either a 5 stars or 1 star review. Usually genuine reviews are between 2 stars and 4 stars.
  •  review from unverified purchases. Most marketplaces has a verified purchase label for reviews left by those who have bought the product
  •  check to see if the review is incentivized (product given for free in exchange for review). Amazon specific prohibits this.
Based on the points above, you can see why it is usually safer to rely on Amazon reviews rather than Google reviews. For more information, please refer to how to spot fake Google reviews.