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    Guidelines for Book Submissions

    In order to consider publishing your book, we need the following:

    • Cover letter, including the title. 

    • Table of Contents: Provide an outline of your book, with optional 1-2 paragraph summaries of each chapter.

    • The Concept Statement: In 150 words or less, explain what is unique about your book and how the reader will benefit from reading it. 

    • About the Author: Detail your qualifications to write the book. 

    • About the Market, the Competition, and Promotion: Describe your targeted reader, your market and how to reach them. Summarize the competition. Outline a plan for promoting your book. 

    • Sample Chapters: Send two well-written chapters that best showcase the contribution that your book offers to make in the field. The emphasis here is not only on the content of the chapters, but the strength and clarity of the writing. We strongly suggest the use of an outside editor prior to submission.